Xincheng Culture

Business Concepts: Customer-oriented, Innovative service, Problem-oriented,Continuous improvement

Our Mission: Maximize customers value, Maximize employees value, Maximize social value 

Our Vision: Become the leader of China's Intelligent anti-counterfeit packaging manufacturer

Our Spirit:  Dedicative¡¢Diligent and pragmatic¡¢Integrate¡¢Cooperative and sharable

Our Core Value: Diligent¡¢Loyal¡¢ trustworthy¡¢Cooperative

Our Management Policy: Standard implementation, High standards, strict demands

Our Quality Policy:  Quality first and zero defect, Service first and zero complain, Safety first and zero accident, Environment first and zero pollution

Our Execution :Take immediate action, Go all out

Our View of Talent: Start from the grassroots, Get promoted from the grassroots

Our Brand Value Concept:our colourful packaging products lead you to a convenient and healthy life

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