Chengdu Xinrui Printing Co.,Ltd. (Certificate for Uniform Social Credit Code: 915101815722705670) is a professional printing enterprise which is characterized by designing and manufacturing various types of paper packaging. The company is located in the famous tourist scenic spot -Dujiangyan. It was established on March 18, 2011, Business Scope: Packaging and decorating printed matter printing¡¢Publication printing(Valid from August 4, 2016 to August 3, 2021)¡¢Other printed matter printed. The Paid-in capital of 48.5 million was invested by Chengdu Jinruitong Industrial Co., Ltd.¡¢Jiangsu Xincheng Printing Group(founded in 1984, with total assets of more than 500 million, and has a good reputation in the printing industry) and Chengdu Quanxing Packaging and Printing Co.,Ltd. The company address:No.9 Tongxin Road, Dujiangyan  economic development zone, Sichuan.

    The company began to build in 2011, and started to pre-production in September 2012. The company occupies 50 mu, plant area of 26,000 square meters.

    The company's existing production equipments: one high speed 6C Roland offset press, one Dinglong water-based 4C print machine, two automatic die-cutting machines, one automatic hot die-cutting machine, one high speed automatic mounting machine, one automatic laminating machine, two Merol 1020 automatic screen printing machines, two automatic hot stamping and die-cutting machines, one high speed automatic folding machine, three programmable Cutters, one SBK880 box baked machine, one SBY-11501 printing-down machine, one W-PS-880 developing machine, one varnishing machine, one ink jet printer, one automatic detecting and pasting box integrated machine, one automatic grooving machine, one automtic case maker etc.

   The company mainly produce variety of high-end liquor boxes¡¢cartons¡¢paper bags, medicine boxes¡¢cartons, health care products boxes¡¢cartons¡¢paper bags and other packaging and printing products.

The current customers: Sichuan Swellfun Co., Ltd., Sichuan Quanxing Distillery Co., Ltd., Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd., Shanxi Xifeng Co., Ltd.,

Jiannanchun Group, Chengdu Kang Hong Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Zhongda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. etc.

   With the fine management, professional design talent, high-quality workforce, first class hardware facilities, comprehensive quality management system and quality customer service, the company will achieve a better reputation in the printing industry.


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