Bozhou Pairuite Packaging Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional, large-scale printing and packaging enterprise. It was invested by Jiangsu Xincheng Group with the total investment of 80 million yuan, covering 54 mu, construction area of 36,000 square meters. The first phase of the project includes carton workshop, warehouse, office building, canteens and so on. A total of 12,000 square meters was completed in September 2015, with the completion investment of 50 million yuan, and in October 2015 it formally put into operation. 

   At present, our company has automatic laminating machines, automatic receiving and pasting machines, automatic hot stamping machines, automatic die-cutting machines, multi-function automatic pasting machines, and other sets of domestic and foreign advanced packaging and printing equipments. At the same time have three hand-made iron packaging production lines with the production capacity of more than 60,000 boxes daily and has became a modern scale packaging and printing enterprise.

   Our company has more than 300 employees, including 60 people with professional and technical titles. It is expected to 2015 annual sales revenue of up to 100 million yuan and the annual tax of more than 600 million. After the project completion, we can achieve annual sales of more than 200 million, the annual tax up to more than 1200 million.

   Our company insists on the management policy of "Relying on Gujing, Developing the Surrounding", and Mainly for the Anhui Gujing Group, Henan Dukang Liquor Company and other well known liquor companies to provide packaging services. We will insist on developing and optimizing, focusing on product development, design innovation, skills training and talent echelon building, and strive to become a Gujing basis and around radiated packaging and printing leading company in a short period. 


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