Suqian Huatai

   Suqian Huatai Printing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006, and now is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Xincheng Printing Group. It is located in the City of Alcohol-Shuanggou, Sihong, Suqian city. The company has over 200 employees, registered capital of 20 million yuan, and with assets of more than 4,000 million yuan. Mainly for the Sujiu Group (Yanghe Holding) supporting the production of various types of color packaging products, now has an annual output of 8 million boxes of high profile liquor color packaging products production capacity, with an annual output of up to 150 million yuan.

   The company currently covers an area of more than 60 mu in the industrial park of Shuanggou town, since the set up of over 20000 square meters of standardized plant and supporting facilities. We have  Roland offset presses¡¢automatic hot stamping machines¡¢die-cutting machines¡¢laminating machines¡¢hot embossing machines¡¢screen printing machines¡¢pasting box machines¡¢carton stitching machines¡¢fine box production lines, including pre-print and post-print processing more than 60 sets of machineries and equipments. With offset, silk screen, hot stamping, molding crossing technology system and the overall level of equipment, we are in a leading position of the region.

   The company has established the perfect internal and external quality control system and excellent after-sales service system, with the group of highly skilled technical backbones and skilled first-line equipment operators, we have the advantages to mass produce high-grade color packaging products.


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